These 7 recipes are hand-picked by us and are undeniably fool-proof; but more importantly, these are recipes tried and tested by kids. So, if kids can bake, so can you! Our 7 days Baking Lessons will introduce you to various aspects of baking.  Also, the recipes are cut down to smaller portions, so that you can conveniently try them out with minimum quantity of ingredients.

Day 1 – Vanilla Cup Cakes

This recipe is a classic one! A must-try recipe, especially if you are a beginner. It is extremely easy to do and tastes absolutely divine. Light and fluffy, spongy cupcake with subtle vanilla flavour – you are simply going to love this baked treat. Decorate with a swirl of yummy buttercream frosting to complete the look

Day 2 – Pretzels

Originated in Europe, pretzel is a kind of baked bread product made from dough and yeast. Pretzels are famous for its unique knot. Try out this easy and quick recipe for homemade soft pretzels and we are quite sure, you will try this warm and buttery snack probably everyday for breakfast or tea time.

Day 3 – Foccacia

Devour fresh and warm, bakery style Foccacia. This Italian bread recipe is easy to make and easy to adapt. A focaccia bread that’s perfectly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, loaded with herbs and seasoning, makes it a wholesome and flavourful recipe.

Day 4 – Chocolate Chip Cookies

These soft and chewy cookies are a go-to favourite, no matter what the age is. It in fact is a versatile recipe; serve warm chocolate chip cookies with ice-cream and it makes for a fabulous dessert or serve with a tall glass of cold milk and it turns into a sweet snack or an after-school treat.

Day 5 – Apple Pie

Apple pie is a popular recipe and a favourite world-wide. It has a flaky pie crust with a scrumptious filling of soft apples, sugar and some spices, Serve it with whipped cream or ice-cream and you bet there would be nothing quite like it. The crisp outside and the chewy, warm, sweet inside is a combination to die for. Go ahead, try out this spectacular recipe and impress your family and friends.

Day 6 – Veg au Gratin

Veg au gratin is dish made with veggies, coated in bechamel sauce and topped with breadcrumbs and a luscious layer of cheese. Comfort food for some, and an all-time favourite in some houses; it is an extremely delicious and complete dish. It is a great way to make your kids enjoy their veggeis. Go ahead and indulge!

Day 7 – Rich Chocolate Cake

We all agree that there is no time or place for a chocolate craving. And what better way to satiate this craving than digging in to a rich chocolate cake. Try this awesome recipe that is perfect for parties, get together or any celebrations. Get raving reviews and compliments every single time you make this.