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Milk Fudge Toffee

Ingredients 1 Unsalted Cooking Butter 1/2 tsp2 Milk Powder 2tbsp3 Condensed Milk 2 tbsp4 Cocoa Powder 1/2 tsp5 Icing Sugar 1/2 tsp Method 1 Microwave Butter for 30 seconds.2 Add all ingredients to the melted butter and mix well3 Microwave for another 40 seconds4 Flatten it out using a rolling pin into a sheet of […]

Peanut Fudge

Ingredients 1 Peanut, Roasted & Salted 1/4 + 1/8 cup2 Butter 25 gms3 Vanilla Essence 1/4 tsp4 Icing Sugar 3 tbsp5 Low sugar Biscuits 2 6 Chocolate Chips 4 Method 1 Crush the biscuits and mix with butter using your fingers.2 Take a silicon mould and spread a layer of biscuit mix 3 Leave it […]