Apple Pie

What goes in?

1    Plain flour    ½ cup
2    Butter    25 gms + 2 tsp
3    Brown Sugar    2 tbsp
4    Milk    2 tbsp
5    Sliced Apple    ½ of Medium Size apple
6    Cinnamon powder    1/8 tsp
7    Sugar    2 tbsp
8    Bread Crumbs    2 tsp 

1    Knead the flour together with Butter, Brown Sugar(1 tbsp) & Milk
2    Roll 2/3rd of the dough into a circle using a rolling pin
3    Line the tart mould with the rolled out dough 
4    Bake it in the oven at 180° C  for 20 minutes and cool it on a cooling rack
5    Mix apple, cinnamon, Sugar, 1 tbsp Brown Sugar and 2 tsp butter
6    Microwave the above mixture for 4 minutes. Mix in the bread crumbs
7    Fill the tart with the above apple sauce mixture
8    Roll out the remaining dough into a circle and cut it into strips
9    Arrange the strips criss cross on top of the apple filling 
10   Bake for another 20 minutes  at 180° C or until it turns golden brown

Facts and Tips:

1    Baste the top of the apple pie with honey just before serving. Serve with whipped cream or ice-cream