Pretzels (2 Servings)

What goes in?

1    Luke-warm Water    3 tbsp
2    Yeast    1/8 tsp
3    Sugar    1/4tsp
4    Salt    1/8 tsp – heaped
5    All Purpose Flour (Maida)    1/4 cup + 4 tbsp
6    Mozzarella Cheese    10 gms
7    Olives/Jalapenos    1 number
8    Baking Soda    1 tbsp& 1 tsp


1    Add yeast, sugar and salt into lukewarm water and mix till dissolved
2    Add quarter cup of flour to the above mixture and stir well
3    Add the remaining flour, 1 tbsp at a time and mix well
4    Knead the above mixture into a soft dough
5    Divide the dough into two and roll one of them to thin rope of 20 inches
6    Twist the ends of the rope and form the shape of a pretzel
7    Boil 1.5 cup of water and add baking soda to it
8    Dunk the pretzel into the water-baking soda solution for 30 seconds
9    Grate cheese on top of the pretzel and place slices of olives/jalapenos
10    Bake at 225 ° C for 10 minutes

Facts and Tips:

1    Original Pretzel Recipe – Sprinkle coarse salt instead of cheese
2    After 5 minutes move the pretzel to avoid sticking on to the tray

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