Banoffee Pie


1 Unsalted Cooking Butter 1 tbsp
2 Crushed Digestive Biscuit 2tbsp
3 Caramelized toffee 2tbsp
4 Fresh Cream 3tbsp
5 Robusta Banana 1/2 Medium Size
6 Grated Chocolate As required


1 Combine the crushed digestive biscuitswith butter.
2 Line the base of a tray with the above mixture and refrigerate until set.
3 Whip the fresh cream and set aside. Slice the Bananas.
4 Remove the tray from the fridge & arrange the sliced bananas on it.
5 Spread the prepared toffee followed by half the whipped cream.
6 Arrange banana slices again and top it with remaining cream.
7 Drizzle some chocolate shavings and refrigerate for about 45 minutes.
8 Serve cold.


1 You may use coffee powder or other sprinkles instead of chocolate.