Power Recipes

“Power Recipes” initiative is for all the beginners who reached out to us asking for the right recipes and baking lessons. On March 31st, 2019, Bakewala.com launches India’s first market place for Baking Recipes & Lessons. Post your trusted recipes on Bakewala.com and earn as you spread the Joy of Baking.

Early Bird Offer – Be one among the first 100 Recipe Sellers & Win Rs 200 worth Bakewala Discount Coupon.

01) What are “Power Recipes”?

Power Recipies are quick win recipes for beginners. They mostly come with a price tag. The buyer of a Power Recipe can reachout to the recipe author on WhatsApp for quick guidance and support. Unlike many anonymous recipes online, these recipes are authentic and they have an author who takes the ownership of the recipe.  With the support from these seasoned recipe authors, the buyer gets the right results at the very first go.

02) Who can sell recipes on Bakewala.com? How much would be the listing charges?

Anyone who owns a precise recipe and is happy to support others to get it right, can post them for sale on Bakewala.com. There is absolutely no listing charges for listing recipes.

03) What are the kind of recipes that can be listed for sale on Bakewala.com?

Any food recipe can be sold on Bakewala.com, provided the recipe is tried and tested and you are confident enough to endorse the same.

06) At what price would my recipes be sold? How much would I earn from each sale?

Selling price of a recipe will be Rs 69.  Rs 12.42 will be deducted towards GST and Rs 4.58 towards payment & handling charges. You will earn Rs 52 from each sale.

04) On an average how much would a seller earn monthly?

The sales completely depend on the quality of the recipe and the support you provide. If your recipes earn good reviews and popularity, the sale can go unbelievably high. On the other hand, if the outcome of a recipe is poor & support is not as expected, it may not attract any buyers.

05) Will I get spam calls, after posting the recipe?

Your contact details will strictly be shared only with customers who have paid and purchased your recipe. These are people who genuinely need help and support with their recipes. If you help them succeed, they will be your customer for ever.

07) What if the recipe fails?

If the recipe fails, buyer is eligible for 100% refund without any questions asked. Customers can claim for a refund within 10 days from the date of purchase.

08) As a recipe seller, can I restrict the time during which I can be contacted?

Yes! you must mention the convenient time in the appropriate field, while uploading the recipe content. You are expected to respond (WhatsApp) only during this time.
09) How can I upload my recipes?
2.Fill up the simple recipe form and post it for sale. 
Happy Baking 🙂